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Sea of SPA

The Dead Sea in Israel is the lowest place in the globe and the biggest spa on the whole of the planet. The Dead Sea is known in the world for its unique capacity to heal many illnesses and solve many health problems - dermatological diseases, muscle problems, rheumatism, problems associated with the circulation of the blood, and more.

The Dead Sea is one of the richest sources in the world of salt and medicinal mud and this is due to the high concentration of minerals in its waters - magnesium, potash, sodium and many more. The concentration of minerals in the Dead Sea is about 30 % (weight per volume) as compared with about 3 % in the water of the oceans of the world.

Some 21 minerals are to be found in the Dead Sea. These minerals are not sensitive to oxidization, so that in practice their therapeutic qualities are conserved, since some of them are lipophilic and are capable of penetrating the epidermis.

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