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Morning, 15.07.2020

Temperature 16°C/61°F

Sunshine 50%

Frostline 3300

Afternoon, 15.07.2020

Temperature 21°C/70°F

Sunshine 70%

Frostline 3400

Tomorrow, 16.07.2020

Temperature 17°C/63°F

Sunshine 50%

Frostline 3100

Day after tomorrow, 17.07.2020

Temperature 19°C/66°F

Sunshine 40%

Frostline 3300

Forecast An area of low pressure swiftly extended from France to Central Europe yesterday. It would be nice if it left as quickly as it arrived! It will not do us this favour, however! On the contrary, it will remain here and we will have to wait for it to clear. We will thus get a rainy summer day.

Trend Until Friday, we will only see little change. On Saturday and Sunday we will see an improvement in the weather.

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