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Dr. med. Hans-Peter Legal

The motto of Mr. Paul Steindl, the multisided, charming and clever host of the Hotel „Sonne“ at Kirchberg, could be: „The most beautiful place to relax is located at the sunny side of live.” With this saying he really hit the nail on the head! His “Aktiv Sunny House” definitely offers more than many other holiday destinations within the Alps. To name only a few details: 300 comfortable beds, magnificent cuisine, world-class entertainment and a varied offer at the hotel-own wellness and vitality area.

As medial specialist for naturopathic treatments, sports medicine and protectionist of a health lifestyle (wellness) I truly welcome the fact that the „Steindl Family“supports the trend of „well-being“– a clever and long-sighted decision. Paul Steindl has always been a little bit “faster” than others. His former successes as champion of Formula II racing cars give evidence of his wit. Together with his wife Ingrid they operate one of the best holiday hotels throughout Tyrol. A lot of sports, elegance, noble nonchalance and an exquisite style mark the hotel’s philosophy. This house looks towards a bright future and the host’s two children secure the next generation. Within the charismatic region of the Kitzbüheler Alps guests can enjoy a “million Dollar view” – as the Americans put it – from every comfort room.

A visit of the „Sonne“ is absolutely worthwhile – it shines right trough to your heart. The wellness and SPA area meet international standards. Important for me as medical specialist is the fact that Mr. Steindl imported unique natural products coming from the Dead Sea (Israel) – the “Sea of Spa” product line - which is offered at the hotel. For example, when it comes to skin diseases (Psoniasis, etc.), muscle- and joint pains, this product line has already achieved great successes. Minerals with concentrations up to 30% are perfectly absorbed through the skin. A journey to Kirchberg is definitely worthwhile because describing all the offers at the hotel such as therapies and the entire wellness area would fill pages.

My recommendation is perfectly clear – this is the ideal holiday destination for you! The “Steindl Family” awaits you!

Kurz-Vita: Dr. Med. Hans-Peter Legal

Medical specialist for naturopathic treatments, sports medicine and medicine journalist, internationally respected wellness specialist, author of several health advice books, long-time and constant columnist of specialised and public medicine (e.g. former „Bunte“, „Freundin“, „Quick“, “Bild”, now “Gesundheit heute”, Medical Journal “Naturheilverfahren”, and much more) and well-known from TV discussions and as lecturer at several national and international universities. Dr. Legal now advises our hotel when it comes to questions concerning healthy holidays, sports, wellness and healthy food & drinks. His reports are regulary updated and he corresponds with guests concerning all important questions around wellness and health.

Source: Dr. Med. Hans-Peter Legal
Date: 25.07.2007

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