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Perfect Health Care for your Skin!

Dr. med. Hans-Peter Legal

From very early on mineral salts and trace elements have been essential components when it comes to the healthy state of our body. A concentration of approx. 30%, as it is the case when extracted from the H2O coming from the Dead Sea (Israel), is the ideal status. Other oceans can only provide a content of approx. 3%.

Now you can perfectly treat your face, hair, body, extremities and skin with products distributed in Austria. Paul Steindl, a well-known hotelier owning the “Sunny-Sonne” at Kirchberg, imports these substances for several countries from Israel. When it comes to muscle pain, rheumatism and cardiovascular problems, these minerals have already been used with great success. I talked to several patients, which all have been very enthusiastic about the products. The Dead Sea contains one of the world’s largest salt- and mud sources. Magnesium, calcium, sodium chloride and much more are crucial parts within the physical mechanism.

Several are insensitive to oxidation, others are water soluble and can easily be absorbed through the skin. As medical specialist for naturopathic treatments and sports medicine (Olympic medical specialist) I know about the therapeutic effect of this product line. But also as so-called Black Pearl it is very useful concerning the anti-aging process. In connection with seaweed they protect the elastic and/or collagen fibres. Alternative care for the youthful skin is essential and additional vitamin A, B and zinc are crucial! Face- and eye serums should definitely be used for treatments! Also important are mud mask for your face which is applicable for all skin types. Especially as gynaecologist I know perfectly well about its positive effects. Your hair suffers particularly from rough handling and abrasion. They still are an important status symbol – so how about a carrot- or honey-hair mask?

I am of the opinion, that products of the “Sea of Spa” product line should definitely be used. This is also true when it comes to prevention. My advice is clear. Try these minerals and/or trace elements once – it will certainly pay off.

Kurz-Vita: Dr. Med. Hans-Peter Legal

Medical specialist for naturopathic treatments, sports medicine and medicine journalist, internationally respected wellness specialist, author of several health advice books, long-time and constant columnist of specialised and public medicine (e.g. former „Bunte“, „Freundin“, „Quick“, “Bild”, now “Gesundheit heute”, Medical Journal “Naturheilverfahren”, and much more) and well-known from TV discussions and as lecturer at several national and international universities. Dr. Legal now advises our hotel when it comes to questions concerning healthy holidays, sports, wellness and healthy food & drinks. His reports are regulary updated and he corresponds with guests concerning all important questions around wellness and health.

Source: Dr. Med. Hans-Peter Legal

Date: 25.07.2007

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