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Safety tipps for mountain hikes

In order to fully enjoy your hiking holidays in the mountains, you should definitely follow a few rules concerning the alpine world. Important fact to consider the right equipment, provisions and weather forcasts. We have summed up a few useful tipps for your perfect hike.

Safety Guidelines for your hiking tripp in Kirchberg

Even if you can find all of Kirchberg's hiking trails perfectly signposted as well as regularly controlled and maintained - it is of utmost importance to be alert and careful at all times. Carelessness can easily lead to serious injuries. This it is important to know one's own boundaries and to plan (also easy) tours carefully ahead.

Where would you like to hike? How long will your trip last? When it comes to time frames, consider a few extra minutes - time frames are always considered average values. Depending on your physical state it may take you longer than usual. Plan your trip in such a way, so that you do not have to hike into the night, even if it takes you longer than planned.

This should be in your backpack when hiking in Kirchberg

  • Take weatherproof clothing with you (rain-/wind jacket), even when the sun is shining when you start your hike. Rapid weather changes are common within the mountain area.
  • Put on several thin layers of clothing. Thus, you are protected from cold weather in the morning when you start, and perfectly dressed during the day for warmer temperatures.
  • Put on good hiking boots and do not start your hike with flip flops or Crocs. A mountain hike is not the same as a walk at the lake.
  • Use sun-protection and take suitable maps of the region with you.
  • Even if you will pass mountain huts with restaurant service on your hike, take provision with you (water and food).
  • Take a first aid kit with you. Pack an extra bag or take your first aid kit from your car with you.

The lighter your backpack, the more easy will be your hike. But you should always have the necessary equpiment with you. This is true when it comes to clothing, but also your equipment.

How to get help within the mountains

Of course nobody assumes that there will be an accident. However, it can happen - either from carelessness or when you or another hiker slips on the trail etc. If you cannot take care of yourself with the first aid kit you have with you, you must know the right emergency numbers. Both numbers will also work if you phone is locked. You do not have to know the respective PIN number of a foreign mobile phone, in order to get help.

Emergeny call which works throughout Europe: 112
With this number you will be connected with an emergency station which can help you get in touch with the regional stations responsible.

Austrian Alpine emergency call: 140
Here you will be connected with a emergency centre and mountain specialists.

Get help within the Alps without a phone

  • Make sounds and intervisibility
  • Send a hearable and visible sign 6 times per minute. Take a break for one minute and the repeat the signal. If you receive an answer, this will be done 3 times per minute.
  • Use a flashlight in order to send an SOS sign. The international code for SOS in morse code is: ... - - - ... (short short short long long long short short short).

Safety when hiking with kids

  • 1-3 years: When kids can sit without help it is possible to transport them in a kip. Consider, that a child cannot move freely in it. Thus regular breaks are a must, one per hour minimum.
  • When your kid explores the world on its own, make sure to take a carrier with you so that the child can switch between walking and the carrier. Consider protection against sun, wind and rain.
  • 3-6 years: Day trips should not take longer than 4 hours. Of course the individual physical condition of your child matters. Be on the safe side and plan a shorter tour so that your kids does not grow too tired.
  • 6-10 years: Now, trips up to 5 hours can be considered. Depending on condition and experience, you can choose steeper trails or several "climbing" areas.
  • 11-14 years: Walking time between 6-7 hours can be considered easily. Be careful not to exhaust your child - always consider carefully what your child can handle.

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