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Experience Wellness moments

A small offer of massages are part of our wellness program, to which we would very much like to invite you! Spend unforgettable hours in our new wellness area PURE | ALPINE | SPA and leave behind the daily grind.

Our Treatments

Classic Massages

Suitable for all. A recovered and strengthened musculature supports you in breathing through and up. Highly effective natural oils, massage technique and intensity are adapted to your constitution type and your treatment goal.

Treatment: Price:
Classic whole body massage (50 minutes) € 75.00
Classic partial massage (25 minutes) € 45.00

Body Vitalize Massages

The perfect massage companion for sports enthusiasts. Especially for loosening tension after sporting activities and maximum support for muscular regeneration. Re-vitalisation for new use.

Treatment: Price:
Body Vitalize Massage (50 minutes) € 75.00
Body Vitalize Massage (25 minutes) € 45.00

Body Top Massages

The successful triple for head, shoulder and neck freedom. The combination of special massage techniques and effective natural oils relieves the neck and shoulder muscles, releases tension and clears the mind. Loosens, relaxes and revitalises!

Treatment: Price:
Body Top Massage (25 minutes) € 45.00

Hot Stone Massages

The warm stone massage is a form of massage with the help of heated stones that are placed on the body. The aim is to relax the muscles through warmth.

Treatment: Price:
Hot Stone Massage (25 minutes) € 45.00

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