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Wellness Amenities and Interior

at Kirchberg in Tyrol / Austria

Your body needs time to recover and regenerate. Take a break from everyday life. Our cosy wellness area PURE | ALPIN | SPA is ideal to relax and recharge your batteries. Even in ancient times, wellness with sauna, steam bath and pool was used for relaxation and health promotion. Furnished with high-quality materials and discreet lighting elements, we offer you the following feel-good and wellness facilities on 3200m²:

Indoor pool
Swim a few laps in the indoor pool before breakfast. Your circulation will get moving. Or what could be better than relaxing in the water in the evening after a day of skiing or hiking? The new indoor pool is perfect for relaxing and letting yourself drift, just as your circulation needs and wants.

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Finnish Panorama Sauna / Finnish Textile Sauna in the Family Area
The new Finnish Panorama Sauna / Finnish Textile Sauna is ready with a noble renewal to rejuvenate your cells and to strengthen and energise you and your loved ones. Do something good for your body. Take a sauna for well-being for body, mind and soul. After the sauna, relax in our relaxation rooms. Enjoy the heavenly ambience.

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Biosauna - Swiss Pine Sauna
The new bio sauna - stone pine sauna are ingenious wellness units for skin and hair, soul and imagination. They have a holistic effect on body and mind.
The cells breathe deeply and you experience a complex sensation that lasts for a long time and inspires your everyday life for many weeks to come.

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Brine steam bath and aroma steam bath
The steam bath provides skin and respiratory tract with soothing moisture. You will feel how it does your body good.

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2 Infrared couches
Promote regeneration. Say goodbye to tension and back pain. The metabolism is stimulated. The combination of warmth and rest makes tension and stress evaporate. Last but not least, the immune system is revitalised.

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Ice rain aisle, ice fountain, spacious relaxation areas and chat room with effect fire

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SNOWMOTION snow shower
With temperatures between 5°C and 15°C, the new snow shower offers cooling through permanent snowfall and, with its unique design, provides an exciting experience for body, mind and soul.

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Massage department
Enjoy special moments of relaxation in our massage and wellness department. Do something for yourself more often and put your trust in our experts. Let your tense muscles relax. All you need to do is make an appointment at reception. After the treatment, relax in a rest area.

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Say goodbye to time pressure and stress?
Pamper yourself and give your body a caress in the aesthetically soothing sun ambience: relax in the luxurious spa, enjoy massage programmes that work quickly and visibly. Our offers and lines have been tried and tested many times and are scientifically based. Gentle or intensive - according to your preferences and your potential!

Where does your individual sun shine?
In our "Sun", of course, and especially beneficial and exclusive in the newly designed wellness area: it offers unique - dreamy all-round carefree wellness packages of the new generation.

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