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Morning, 24.01.2022

Temperature -2°C/28°F

Sunshine 60%

Frostline 0

Afternoon, 24.01.2022

Temperature 4°C/39°F

Sunshine 90%

Frostline 1900

Tomorrow, 25.01.2022

Temperature 6°C/43°F

Sunshine 90%

Frostline 2100

Day after tomorrow, 26.01.2022

Temperature 2°C/36°F

Sunshine 60%

Frostline 1200

Forecast Before the sun can do its job, it has to chase away the misty remnants of the humid air which arrived here last night. We can then look forward to a pleasant day.

Trend However promising the forecast for Monday may be, the best news is found in the trend today! The wonderful high pressure weather will persist over the next few days.

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